About Us

IP Law Leaders PLLC (IPLL) is a premier law firm dedicated to excellence in all aspects of technology driven law. The keystone for growth oriented companies in the 21st Century is the fostering and expansion of human knowledge, driven by modern business transactions, and protectable and enforceable under the tenets of IP law: patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, and our attorneys are second to none in their fields.

But as knowledge and the IP law that protects it cannot exist in a vacuum, IPLL is the business leader’s legal companion from corporate formation, through early growth and financing, and onto establishment of global presence and dominance. Our Practice Areas cover the core of Corporate, Intellectual Property, and Litigation and Appeals law through the lens of today’s technology leaders. By a practice diverse in skill sets, yet focused on modern industries, IPLL is uniquely qualified to protect and expand business innovation.

Flexible Billing
We believe the future of legal work resides in flexibility and greater risk sharing between firms and their clients – and we intend to stay on the cutting edge. Our flexible approach offers our clients alternative billing structures depending on their desires and needs, including fixed and contingent fee arrangements, blended rates and in-house billing structures.
Strategy and Tactics
Our law firm’s principal commitment is to provide our clients the highest caliber of technology related legal services at the most flexible, competitive billing structures. We emphasize not only tactics – the day-to-day legal work to expand opportunities and minimize risks, but strategy – the goals that uniquely apply to a company’s business industry, its short term plans and long term goals.IP Law Leaders’ features seasoned partners and senior counselors, with decades of big firm legal experience, who bring degrees and industry expertise in numerous technologies. For businesses striving to stay competitive in today’s challenging environment, this means receiving partner level work at boutique firm rates.
Timeless Principles
IP Law Leaders’ approach emphasizes team work – often better understood by businesses than the law firms representing them. Our counselors work to maximize value added through participation, collaboration, integration and creativity. By working closely with each other and our clients in teams, we integrate legal knowledge with client expectations, augment our understanding of their desires and business needs, and provide added benefit through reduced costs.IP Law Leaders delivers quality legal services with the poise and grace major players have come to expect from our firm. Never losing sight of our core values, since our founding we have been committed to the timeless principles of fairness and ethical integrity in all our client relationships.