Practice Areas

Trade Secrets

As the global marketplace has expanded in size, the speed of communications has brought business closer together. Combined with an ever competitive marketplace and ever more mobile employees, the speed of business transactions and wide-spread dissemination of information has exceeded the even lofty expectations. With these changes have concurrently come both the need to protect corporate confidences, and the necessity to ward of hostile challenge. Protecting theft of trade secrets

Strategic IP Counseling

IPLL evaluates the business strength of technologies through market segmentation and detailed analyses of relevant systems, products and employed methodologies. We employ the services of leading experts in the relevant technologies as well as experts in damages. In the high technology area, representative industries include electronics, telecommunications, Internet, software, computer hardware, financial services, semiconductors and optical systems. In the sciences industries, representative industries include biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Our

Mergers and Acquisitions

IPLL provides counsel and advise on a full range of mergers and acquisitions transactions across multiple industries. For both friendly and hostile M&A matters, ranging from the routine to the highly complex, and across a variety of industries, businesses expect and receive the highest quality skills and experience. We counsel on the structuring, negotiating and implementation of highly complex domestic and cross-border transactions on behalf of a wide range of

America Invents Act

The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) became law on September 16, 2011, and represents the most comprehensive overhaul of the United States patent system since the Patent Act was enacted in 1952. AIA includes numerous provisions impacting patent litigation, licensing and enforcement, and the provisions become individually effective over the span of several years. With attorneys having many decades of patent prosecution, licensing and litigation experience, IPLL is uniquely qualified

Trademark and Copyright Litigation

IPLL possesses knowledge and keen experience in all areas of trademark and copyright litigation. We are uniquely well positioned to handle enforcement actions involving anti-counterfeiting; copyrights; cybersquatting; domain names; false advertising; first amendment; information technology; rights of publicity; trademark, service mark and trade dress infringement; mark dilution; unfair advertising; and unfair competition. IPLL also advises clients in disputes involving infringing Internet domain names and cybersquatting through ICANN’s arbitration procedures. Our


IPLL’s Corporate Practice Area is comprised of attorneys and legal assistants who have established a national reputation for excellence in the quality and delivery of legal services. Our counsel have represented clients from nearly every type of high technology and biotechnology focused industry, form of legal structure and venue for business transactions.Yet our counsel share in common the commitment to meet the full legal needs of every client, regardless of

Business and Tort Litigation

In an increasingly litigious business environment, our clients are faced an array of potential controversies. Advances in modern types and storage of electronic communications, as well as in electronic discovery techniques, have increased the complexity of litigations and sped the progression of pending cases. Previously mundane commercial disputes have become extremely contentious, with adversaries rooting through millions of emails and electronic documents. A few areas of rapid expansion in filings

Banking and Finance

Corporate finance and banking are central to IPLL clients. Our banking and finance practice area covers venture capital financing of start-up companies and capital financing for established corporations. Our attorneys have worked with the financial institutions that provide the capital markets expertise required to complete corporate finance transactions. We work with institutional investors, as well as borrowers, lessees, and other capital users, to analyze potential risks and develop both short-range

ITC Section 337 Litigation

While Section 337 investigations at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) are not known in common parlance, they are all too familiar to multinational corporations. The ITC has the power to order U.S. Customs and Border Protection to exclude the infringing articles from entry into the U.S., and may also issue a cease and desist order prohibiting the respondent from selling infringing articles that have already been imported. For this

High Technologies

In today’s rapidly expanding technological world, IPLL is uniquely qualified to represent the high technologies. Our counsel have advanced and industry experience in key areas of technological development, including aircraft, biotechnology, chemical and chemical products, communications equipment, communications over radio and television, electrical machinery, electronics, machinery and related machinery equipment, medical precision and optical instrumentation, pharmaceuticals, spacecraft and vehicular transportation. Our attorneys provide counseling and extensive expertise in all areas