Paymaster Services

Paymaster Services

Safety and Professionalism for Major Transactions

Our firm provides sophisticated parties assurances that their transactional funds will be disbursed swiftly, smoothly, and securely. Experienced parties prefer to place their funds with a neutral third-party to ensure that the commissions are distributed safely and securely in dealing with multi-million and multi-billion dollar and Euro commission payments.

As attorney paymaster, IPLL serves as an independent third party to receive incoming commissions into its Attorney Trust Account (USD) or Euro account, and then quickly disburses funds according to the exact terms of the parties’ fee agreement. Experienced business persons understand that by using the services of an attorney paymaster, particularly one having vast experience, they need never worry about the integrity of the payment process or have concern over timely disbursement of funds.

Regardless of whether parties are private individuals or multinational corporations, IPLL provides the trustworthy disbursement of commissions from major transactions. These transactions include oil, gas, currencies, gold (AU), platinum, diamonds, bank guarantees (BG’s), medium-term notes (MTN’s), sugar, T-Strips, as well as other instruments or commodities.

Commissions are securely deposited into IPLL’s attorney trust account, and then disbursed without delay in the exact accordance with the terms of the sub-fee agreement. Unlike many other firms, IPLL also maintains separate Euro currency accounts to avoid parties’ unnecessary currency conversion fees when commissions will be received and distributed in Euros.

Upon contacting IPLL, our firm will provide parties all information required to list IPLL as the attorney paymaster in their Master Fee Agreement and begin preparing a sub-fee agreement so that we can work together to ensure swift and secure distribution of funds.

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