Paymaster services

Financial Services

IPLL offers financial services effectively and efficiently in the most significant matters affecting financial institutions. While IPLL’s coverage is broad, key industry counseling areas include: regulatory initiatives and legislation; asset management; Bank Secrecy Act and OFAC; capital market activities; capital-related issues; derivatives and innovative financial products; mergers and acquisitions; privacy law compliance; private label programs; product development and compliance; regulatory enforcement defense and internal investigation. Exemplary areas of counseling include

Paymaster Services

Safety and Professionalism for Major Transactions Our firm provides sophisticated parties assurances that their transactional funds will be disbursed swiftly, smoothly, and securely. Experienced parties prefer to place their funds with a neutral third-party to ensure that the commissions are distributed safely and securely in dealing with multi-million and multi-billion dollar and Euro commission payments. As attorney paymaster, IPLL serves as an independent third party to receive incoming commissions into


IPLL’s Corporate Practice Area is comprised of attorneys and legal assistants who have established a national reputation for excellence in the quality and delivery of legal services. Our counsel have represented clients from nearly every type of high technology and biotechnology focused industry, form of legal structure and venue for business transactions.Yet our counsel share in common the commitment to meet the full legal needs of every client, regardless of