Protecting tomorrow’s
innovations today

Protecting tomorrow’s
innovations today

Protecting tomorrow’s
innovations today

What Is Intellectual Property?

How Is Intellectual Property Protected Internationally?

What Is A Patent?

What Is A Patent Search?

America Invents Act

Challenging A Patent Without Litigation – The New Inter Partes....

Licensing and IP Transactions

Network Managing Solutions, LLC v. AT&T Mobility

Cosmo Lighting, Inc. v. Target Brands, Inc.

Real Bonus Ltd. v. Pier 1 Imports, Inc.

IP Law Leaders PLLC (IPLL) is the entrepreneur’s and technology leader’s best friend for IP and technology-driven legal protection and enforcement.

The keystone for growth-oriented companies in the 21st Century is the fostering and expansion of human knowledge, driven by modern business transactions, and protectable and enforceable under the tenets of IP law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets, and our attorneys are second to none in their fields. With seasoned counsel possessing advanced degrees and decades of law and technology-related experience, we offer general practice firm experience at small firm rates.

But as knowledge and the IP law that protects it cannot exist in a vacuum, IPLL is the business leader’s legal companion from early innovation and corporate formation, through early growth and financing, and onto establishment of global presence and dominance. Our Practice Areas cover the core of Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Litigation and Appeals Law through the lens of today’s technology leaders. By a practice diverse in skill sets, yet focused on modern industries, IPLL is uniquely qualified to protect and expand business innovation.

Employee Access vs. Misappropriation of Trade Secrets


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Satisfaction in the Eyes of Clients

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Copyright Violation and the Constitutionality of Excessive Damages – Music Downloaders Beware!

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Challenging A Patent Without
Litigation – The New Inter
Partes Review


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Our legal services are offered to the leading corporations, governmental and quasi-governmental organizations, startup companies, research associations and technology creators the world over. With nearly two decades of experience per average lawyer, our counselors have represented leaders in their industries.


AAI Corporation
ACME Game Designs
Actua Bufete
American Telecom Services, Inc.
Advanced Processor Technologies
Agere Systems
American Telecom Services
An Chen Computer Co.
Au Optronics (Auo)
Best Doctors
Beverage Innovations Group
Brekford Corp
Biome Makers
Blue Sea Food Services
Breakaway Games
Cardiac Care Associates
Charles Products
Chesapeake Bay Enterprises
China Picture Tubes (Cpt)
Clear Labs
Comtrend Corp.
Consolidated Communications
Delta Electronics
Drummond Press, Inc.
DSS Technology Management
Eastern Virginia Forestry
East West Resources
Feng Group
Foxconn Technology Group
Foxconn/ Hong Hai Technology Group
Generali Global Assistance
Hannstar Display Corp.
High Tech Computer Corp.
Industrial Technology Research Institute (Itri)
Institute For Information Industry (Iii)
Its All Good
Jadoo Power Systems
JTR Consulting
L &Amp; F International
L &Amp; K Precision Technology
Lee & Tsai
Lehmann Systems
Level 3 Communications
Life Spring Biotech
Liquidity Services
Lite-On It
M48 Fitness
Malibu Networks
Marquis Wind Power
Mci Communications
Mci Worldcom
Media5 Corporation
Mediatrix Corporation
Meyerhoff Investment Holdings
Mitsubishi Corporation
National Yang-Ming University
Naztec International Group
Nsg Datacom
Ogilvy Renault
Orient Pharma
Pangang Group
Paradigm Electronics
Phoebe Micro
Platinum Brands
Porex Technologies
Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.
Powermax Global
Razer Audio
Red Devil
Research Affiliates
Safco Products
Savi Technology
Silicon Graphics
Sony Ericsson
Spray Pal
Taidoc Technology
Teoco Corporation
Thaler International
The Chief Information Group
The Healthy Weigh Now
The Home Depot
Thermotex Therapy Systems
Tibbo Technology
Tpo Displays
Tracy Wang
Transcend Information
Trident Products And Services
Tristar Products
Uniglobal Group
Universal Biosensors
Wall Street Institute Kft
Way Too Cool
Wi-LAN Inc
Wincell International, Inc.
Wireless Recognition Technologies

Satisfaction in the Eyes of Clients

Our attorneys are highly specialized to cover the gamut of legal knowledge and business expertise. We work to maximize value added for clients through participation, collaboration, integration and creativity.

By working closely with each other and our clients in teams, at our firm we integrate legal knowledge with client expectations, augment our understanding of their desires and business needs, and provide added benefit through reduced costs. We also combine our talents with the abilities of leading global attorneys, technologists and business persons in their respective fields to yield creative solutions and offer expertise unlike any other law firm.

Through careful understanding of client desires, tailored staffing, variable fee structures, and technology oriented solutions, we help clients anticipate and avoid costly problems, resolve disputes, and achieve their unique business objectives in a manner that minimizes legal fees.

Whether a startup operation seeking venture funding, or a diversified multinational corporation, we dedicate our best attention, services and resources to each individual client. We strive to be an integral member and constant contributor to our clients’ business team.

Enhancing Our Client Solutions

At our firm we view diversity not as another corporate initiative, but as a vital component of how we conduct our business, and how our members live and work together. The diversity of our members, in race, culture, religion and belief systems fosters empathy and acceptance, creativity and innovation.

We serve a global clientele before multinational tribunals and intellectual property offices. As a strategic business initiative, diversity allows us to accept other cultures and their unique business communities with due deference and respect.

Diversity of backgrounds, thinking, experience and perceptions enhance our resourcefulness and creativity in delivering critical solutions to our clients.

From Many to One

IP Law Leaders is committed to retaining the top talent in the intellectual property law industry and motivating those individuals to deliver the very best legal services in the marketplace. Our team oriented approach ensures not only that our professionals are constantly invigorated in the workplace, but that superior results for our clients are guaranteed.

Our clients know us by our dedication, our drive and our continual striving for success – and key to it all is our team-oriented approach. For our clients, our teams ensure that the ball is never dropped and that our professionals are continually improving in their levels of expertise. From our teams come the focus and inner-learning to understand our clients and grow with them, as well as the satisfaction of working together for our common goals.

Our counsel are leaders in the fields of intellectual property, business transactions and litigation.

Cameron H. Tousi is the firm’s founder and managing partner. Cameron is a nationally renowned attorney in intellectual property (IP), IP related business and complex litigation matters, offering clients some twenty-eight years of legal and technological industry experience. Having represented . . . .

Andrew C. Aitken is a skilled lawyer who brings some 25 years of experience in procurement, prosecution and licensing of intellectual property matters. He also has an extensive track record of successfully litigating intellectual property and other commercial disputes throughout the . . . .

Christopher P. Rogers has 20 years of patent experience. Most of his patent experience has been in the role of in-house counsel in big pharma (GSK, Abbott Labs and ALZA/J&J) having responsibility for worldwide patent portfolios covering commercially successful drugs and medical . . . .

Bryan E. Repetto represents clients in the areas of intellectual property, healthcare law, business law, and business and intellectual property transactions. While representing clients across diverse industries. Mr. Repetto’s patent practice has particular focus in the areas of life sciences, . . . .

Emmanuel Rivera has been practicing law for over 16 years with national firms based in the Pacific Northwest, Silicon Valley, and Austin. Mr. Rivera has worked with and represented numerous high technology corporations, including Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, . . . .

Michael Liu‘s experience includes having served as general counsel for leading global technology corporations, and lead outside counsel for principal engagements. Mr. Liu’s substantive legal experience includes business transactions, corporate governance and high stakes technology transactions and complex litigation.

Kasey Christie has been practicing law for over 17 years with law firms in the Pacific Northwest. His expertise is assisted by having served as chief intellectual property (IP) counsel for companies and in professional practice. During his legal experience, . . . .

Joshua Y. Chang Prior to practicing as an attorney, Hon. Joshua Y. Chang served as a District Court judge, with specialization in criminal and civil matters, and Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, for nearly ten (10) years.


Daniel J. Eisenberg is a senior counsel with the firm, bringing some twenty years of experience in the fields of intellectual property, business transactions and litigation.

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