2019 Review: Your Favorite Madrid Webinars this Year

December 19, 2019

The end of the year is fast approaching! We were pleased to have so many of you attending our interactive webinars and engaging with our experts to gain a better understanding of the Madrid System throughout 2019.

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We have more exciting new content for you next year, but let’s linger a little longer in 2019 and review the top five webinars that were the most popular among you this year.

#1 Understanding the international classification of goods and services

Level: beginner/intermediate

Most popular in 2019 by far, this webinar aims to give you an overview of the Nice Classification and walk you through the WIPO Examination Guidelines under the Madrid System. It will help you to prepare the list of goods and services of your application for international trademark registration. Download the slides | access the recording

#2 Dealing with corrections in the international register

Level: intermediate/advanced

Get familiar with the most common corrections sought after and how to request them. This webinar reviews corrections to the name and address of the holder, the list of goods and services and the designated Contracting Parties. Download the slides | access the recording

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#3 Preparing the international application: content and resources

Level: beginner

An in-depth webinar to help you file your international application. It will give you an overview of the content of your international application and highlight key resources made available by WIPO to prepare it. Download the slides | access the recording

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#4 Adapting your international registration to your business needs: presenting and recording changes

Level: intermediate

Get an insight into the main changes that you can record in your international registration. This webinar covers, among other things, changes in ownership, limitations, renunciations, and cancellations. Download the slides | access the recording

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#5 The Madrid System for newcomers

Level: beginner

If you’re new and would like to get started using our International Trademark System, then this is the webinar for you! You can expect to learn about the key benefits and basis of the international registration process. Download the slides | access the recording

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We hope to interact with as many of you in 2020 as we did in our 2019 webinars and we are looking forward to welcoming new participants!

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