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Where can I get some?

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What Is Intellectual Property?

How Is Intellectual Property Protected Internationally?

What Is A Patent?

What Is A Patent Search?

America Invents Act

Challenging A Patent Without Litigation – The New Inter Partes Review (IPR)

Licensing and IP Transactions

Network Managing Solutions, LLC v. AT&T Mobility

Cosmo Lighting, Inc. v. Target Brands, Inc.

Real Bonus Ltd. v. Pier 1 Imports, Inc.

North Star Innovations Inc. v. Nanya Technology Corp. U.S.A. and Nanya Technology Corp.

North Star Innovations Inc. v. Fujitsu Ltd. and Fujitsu America, Inc.


Post Grant Proceedings

Trademark and Copyright Litigation


Mergers and Acquisitions

Strategic IP Counseling


Banking and Finance

ITC Section 337 Litigation

Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) Litigation




A Team Oriented Firm



Medical Devices and Instrumentation

Financial Services

Entertainment and Sports

Electronic and Information Technology


Clean and Green Technology




Trade Secrets Litigation

Intellectual Property Litigation

Business and Tort Litigation

Trade Secrets

Trademarks and Advertising

Internet Domain Names

Life Sciences

Intellectual Property

High Technologies

Litigation and Appeals


Copyright Violation and the Constitutionality of Excessive Damages – Music Downloaders Beware!

Employee Access vs. Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

Copyrights and Litigation Documents

FIRREA and Bank Fraud

Assignment of Intent-to-use Trademark Applications

Copyright and Architecture

Federal Circuit and Advisory Council Model Orders

The Lanham Act and Jim Brown

M&A and Government Immunity

Trade Secret and Contract Law

Do Business Method Patents Hurt or Help?

ITC Pilot Program to Promote Early Adjudication of Dispositive Issues

Myriad and Patenting of the Human Gene

Claim Construction & Disclaimer –Federal Circuit Sides with the University of Minnesota

IP License Agreements Under the AIA

Good-Faith Belief of Invalidity May Negate Induced Infringement

The Economic Espionage Act

ANDA Litigation and Reverse Payments

Standard of Review Changes for Freeze-Out Mergers

Wireless Recognition Technologies LLC Litigation 2010

Ward v. McDonald

Voss of Norway v. Enoitalia S.p.a., Platinum Brands, LLC and A.V. Imports, Inc.

Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. v. Paradigm Electronics, Inc.

Vanmoor v. Walmart Stores, Inc., Builders Square, Inc., Home Depot U.S.A., Inc., and Red Devil, Inc.

UTStarcom, Inc. v. Starent Networks Corp.

Trident Products and Services, LLC. v. Canadian Soiless Wholesale, Ltd. and Advanced Nutrients, Ltd. No.

Texas Instruments Inc. v. PowerChip Semiconductor Corp.

Telebrands Corp. v. Hearthware, Inc.

Telarix v. Vero Systems/TEOCO

Starlite Creations Inc. v. Shen

Sashco, Inc. v. Red Devil, Inc.

Real Bonus v. Target Brands Inc.

Real Bonus v. Pier 1 Imports

Porex Technologies Corp. and Porex Scientific, Inc. v. Labcon, North American, Inc.

PlaSmart Inc. v. Wincell International, Inc. et al.

Pete’s Brewing Company v. Beverage Brands (UK) Limited, and East Coast Beverage Corp., d/b/a Collins International

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical Inc. and Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development, LLC v. Barr Laboratories, Inc.

Network Gateway Solutions, LLC Litigation 2009

Morningware, Inc. v. Hearthware Home Products, Inc.

Mattox v. Infotopia, Inc., TriStar Products Co., Lenco Corp., Total Tiger, Inc., Levine and Richmond

Linex Technologies, Inc. v. Belkin International, Inc. et al.

L & K Precision Technology Co., Ltd. v. L & K Nevada and Craig Li

Karolewicz v. Drummond Press, Inc.

Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc. v. Kanguru Solutions and An Chen Computer Co., Ltd.

In the Matter of Certain Light Emitting Diode Chips and Products Containing Same

In re Katz Interactive Call Processing Patent Litigation

In re Certain Semiconductor Chips with Minimized Chip Package Size and Products Containing Same

In re Certain Semiconductor Chips Having Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory Controllers and Products Containing Same

In re Certain Semiconductor Chips Having Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory Controllers and Products Containing Same

In re Certain Flash Memory Chips and Products Containing The Same

Hearthware, Inc. v. E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. (Emson)

Gemtek Technology v. 3Com Corp

Elite Materials Co., Ltd. v. Isola USA Corporation

Ecolochem, Inc. v. Southern California Edison Company

Ecolochem, Inc. v. Mobile Water Technology Co.

Diagnostic Devices, Inc., et al. v. TaiDoc Technology Corp.

Diagnostic Devices, Inc. v. TaiDoc Technology Corp.

Confidential (Pharmaceutical patent matter)

Cathy Waltz v. Safco Products Co. et al.

C.R. Daniels v. Naztec International

Billco International, Inc. v. Charles Products Inc.

Benchmark Entertainment, L.L.C. v. Seidel Amusement Co.

Bally Gaming, Inc. v. Kappos

Atwater Partners of Texas LLC Litigation 2010

Asia Vital Components v.  Asetek Danmark.

Arrowhead Industrial Water, Inc. v. Ecolochem, Inc.

Arrowhead Industrial Water, Inc. v. Ecolochem, Inc.

Arrowhead Industrial Water, Inc. v. Ecolochem, Inc.

Apollo Biomedicals, et al v. Meridian Diagnostics, et al.

Alameda Films, S.A. de C.V., et al. v. H. Jackson Shirley, III, et al.

AIM IP, LLC v. Media5 Corporation

Agio International v. Numark Industries Canada

Agere Systems Guardian Corp. v. Proxim, Inc.

Advanced Processor Technologies LLC Litigation 2011

A.V. Imports, Inc. v. Col De Fratta, S.P.A., DuFour Ltd. and Cielo S.P.A.

A.V. Imports v. Spirits International, N.V.

RAND Obligations and Injunctive Relief

First Sale in Copyrights – Supreme Court takes a Fresh Look

Challenging A Patent Without Litigation – The New Inter Partes Review

America Invents Act Creates a Transitional Program for Covered Business Method Patents

The New Way to Challenge A Patent When Threatened: The America Invents Act Creates the Inter Partes Review

The New Way to Challenge A Patent When Threatened: America Invents Act Creates the Post Grant Review

About When Exclusive Patent Licensees Can Sue on their Licensed Patent

Court Finds Appropriated and Altered Art Protected Under Fair Use

The U.S. Becomes First-to-File For Patents

A Client Centered Approach

The White House on ITC Section 337

The Federal Circuit Rules on Apple v. ITC

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